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The Great Moving Adventure for Kids

One of the hardest parts of a PCS move for military families is the effect it has on our kids. As parents, our children’s issues with all the changes that go along with a military move can tend to get lost in the shuffle of our many to-do lists.

I’ve long been a fan of Trevor Romain (listen to my talk with him on Milspouse Matters episode 63: Trevor Romain Brings Hope to Military Kids). When I found out he has an amazing resource to help kids dealing with a move, I knew I had to share it with you!

The Great Moving Adventure is available as a digital download, and you can also get it on DVD. This animated story addresses all the thoughts and emotions a child goes through when making a move, and in Trevor’s hallmark style, handles it with humor and sensitivity. I highly recommend it for a child facing this transition! Designed for ages 8-13, children will follow the character Darryl as he makes a move to a new state. Your child will relate to Darryl’s initial reactions: shock, upset, “I’m not moving!”, and the familiar feelings of losing everything and feeling out of control.

But while relatable, child expert Trevor Romain doesn’t leave kids there. He validates their fears and hard feelings. He offers kids strategies for saying goodbyes and embracing the new location, along with advice for being “the new kid.” One part I love is when Darryl discovers the importance of honoring old friendships and keeping those relationships going while forging ahead with new ones.

So many childhood fears and misunderstandings are addressed in a friendly, accessible manner. Kids will be affirmed in what they’re feeling during this rough time. Trevor is the voice of the understanding adult, reassuring kids that things have a way of working out and reminding them that most situations usually get better with time.

Kids will learn that it’s ok to widen your circle, keep old friends and make new ones, and embrace new experiences.

This animated adventure is 30 minutes long and available for immediate download.


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