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PACT for Animals: Fostering Pets for Military and Veterans- Ep. 110

PACT for animals and fostering pets for military and veterans

Milspouse Matters Episode 110 with PACT for Animals

Learn how PACT for Animals provides foster care for pets of service members and veterans.

It’s no secret that military families love their pets! But what do you do if you’re facing a deployment and have no one to care for your pet? Or if you get an overseas assignment to a location your pet can’t go? Enter PACT for Animals! PACT for Animals is dedicated to fostering pets for active duty U.S. military members on deployment or an assignment where they cannot bring their pet and veterans in medical crisis. 

On this episode, I’m speaking with Julie Zantopoulos from PACT for Animals. She is a former online magazine owner and author who has a knack for community building, brand management, and social media engagement. She’s thrilled to be putting her skills to use as the Communications & Outreach Manager for PACT for Animals. Julie earned her degree in Psychology from Cabrini College and has worked in many positions but always in service of others. When she’s not working or writing, you can find Julie doting on her seven nieces and nephews or spending time with her recently adopted senior cat, Jasmine. She can be reached at

Julie Zantopoulos from PACT for Animals

Julie shares the mission of PACT for Animals, which functions in all 50 states, information on fostering pets or finding care for your own, and ways you can support PACT for Animals. They’re the only nationwide nonprofit that screens and matches pet fosters, facilitates the reunion, and also supports both the foster and pet’s family through the duration of the separation. 

As Julie says, “We’re here to advocate for the human/animal connection and make sure that anyone who is serving our country, veterans, anyone seeking medical care…they shouldn’t have to choose between serving our country and loving their pet or getting mental health care or cancer treatments and being with their pet…They shouldn’t have worry about if their pet is safe while they’re doing those things. That’s where PACT steps in.”

In light of recent worldwide events, PACT for Animals is facing a massive influx of applications as more people are called to serve. They are in great need of more fosters. If you’re interested, learn more about how to start this process! PACT for Animals website.

Connect with PACT for Animals:


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