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Navigating Military Life with Humor – Ep. 105

Navigating military life with humor with guest Lisa Molinari

Milspouse Matters Episode 105 with Lisa Molinari

Navigating Military Life with Humor and Storytelling

Life as a military spouse is an intricate dance of challenges and uncertainties, along with so many adventures. On this “best of” episode, we revisit one of my favorite interviews. I’m talking to author Lisa Molinari about her military spouse journey, and how she’s found solace and strength through humor and processing life through writing. 

Lisa refers to herself as a “garden variety military spouse” (which you might disagree with after you listen to her story!). She’s never been nominated for Military Spouse of the Year, but her journey is a story of resilience that will resonate with you. Throughout her decades of military life, Lisa learned to find humor in hard and even absurd circumstances. Rather than succumbing to the challenges that come with this lifestyle, she’s chosen to seek out the silver lining and share her experiences through laughter.

In my conversation with Lisa, she recounted instances where humor became a lifeline during her military spouse journey. With stories from “Pork Chop Envy” to unforeseen deployment hiccups, Lisa reminds us that these crazy things we go through will become the best stories one day! 

Lisa’s Journey as a Writer

Lisa turned to writing as a way to process her thoughts and emotions. Her columns, which now appear weekly in Stars and Stripes news and other publications across the U.S., allowed her to share her unique perspective on military life and have resonated with fellow military spouses.

Lisa’s passion for writing culminated in her book, The Meat and Potatoes of Life: My True Lit Com, published by Elva Resa. This collection of humorous essays delves into the everyday moments of military family life. The book’s title encapsulates the idea that even in the seemingly mundane aspects of life, there are stories worth sharing, laughter waiting to be unleashed, and connections to be formed.

Lisa also highlights the significance of self-care. Her advice to fellow military spouses is simple but profound: give yourself permission to prioritize your own well-being. Whether it’s through writing, spending time with loved ones, or pursuing a hobby, finding ways to cope and rejuvenate is crucial.

In the words of Lisa, “Everyone has a story to tell.” Embrace your story, share your experiences, and remember that even in the face of hard times, humor can be a beacon of light.

Have you found humor and resilience during challenging times? I’d love to hear your experiences and insights in the comments below. Remember, your story might just be the encouragement someone else needs on their journey!

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