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Help Your Marriage Thrive During Deployment and Military Separations – Ep. 106

Milspouse Matters Podcast episode 106 help your military marriage thrive during deployment

Milspouse Matters Episode 106 with Advice from Experienced Military Spouses

Your Marriage Can Thrive During Deployment

Recently, I invited listeners to share your experiences of how you and your spouse helped your marriage thrive and even strengthened your relationship during deployment.

One of the surprising things about military life for me was how much of it would end up being a “Long distance marriage.” When I first got married, I didn’t realize I’d be spending so much time apart from my husband. When he was deployed or away on temporary duty (TDY), I was ever so grateful for the ability to video chat. Past generations would have marveled at our technology, but the delays, dropped calls, and frozen screens are still poor substitutes for being together. Sleeping alone night after night and the prolonged lack of intimacy wears on you, too. Not to mention all the decisions you’ll make alone, both big and small, and special moments and milestones missed. I certainly wasn’t expecting to go through labor and deliver a big-headed baby without my husband there to blame—I mean—help. I don’t recommend this scenario if you can avoid it.

The separations and goodbyes don’t get any easier, you just get stronger. You learn from each experience, adding coping tools to your toolbelt.

But can your marriage thrive through a military deployment or separation? I believe, yes, it can! With mindfulness and intention.  

First, I’ll share a few of my tips, then we’ll be hearing from some other military spouses who’ve been through deployment, too.

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Have you found ways to help your marriage thrive during deployment or separation? Share your thoughts in the comments or on social media!

Milspouse Matters Episode 106 Help Your Military Marriage Thrive During Deployment

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