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Episode 99 – Dealing with Anxiety as a Military Spouse

dealing with anxiety as a military spouse

Milspouse Matters Ep. 99 with Erin, the “Short Wife”

After dealing with anxiety and panic attacks as a young adult, things came to a head for Marine Corps spouse Erin after some big military life changes. She was physically ill, having daily panic attacks, and struggling to leave her house when she realized she needed to do something more than what she’d always done: try to cope alone. On this episode, you’ll hear from Erin, a.k.a. “The Short Wife,” about her journey to finding the help and resources she needed. 

Erin says: “I didn’t know what was going on with me. I didn’t feel like myself…but I wanted to believe it wasn’t real. And I didn’t know how to ask for help.”

Erin aka the Short Wife talks about anxiety as a military spouse

Erin has documented her journey on her website and Instagram, talking honestly about anxiety and other mental health issues. She’s known for being open, authentic, and warm and also brings humor to tough issues. 

I was so glad to talk to Erin and I know you’ll get so much out of what she shares on this episode. She shares some of her favorite mental health resources and books, but most of all wants you to know that, if you’re dealing with anxiety too, you’re not alone.

Quote from Milspouse Matters episode 99 dealing with anxiety as a military spouse

She says, 

“You are not alone in your struggles. There’s always someone who can relate to you, and there’s a whole community to support you.” 

Connect with Erin: 

Resources mentioned in this episode for dealing with anxiety as a military spouse:

Online Therapy Covered by TRICARE: Telemynd

Accounts that specialize in anxiety help on Instagram:

Find more resources on Erin’s Instagram account!

Books Erin suggests:

The Upward Spiral by Alex Korb

Unwinding Anxiety by Judson Brewer

Milspouse Matters episode 99 dealing with anxiety as a military spouse

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