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Episode 95 – Managing Your Finances as a Military Family

managing your finances as a military family

Milspouse Matters Ep. 95 with guest Kate Horrell, the Military Finance Coach.

On this episode we’re talking about a hot topic: managing your money as a military family with my amazing guest Kate Horrell. 

Kate Horrell, military family financial expert talks about managing your finances
Kate Horrell, The Military Finance Coach

A little bit about Kate: she’s an Accredited Financial Counselor who has been working with military and veteran families for 15 years. She’s also the spouse of a recently retired sailor. She’s navigated PCS moves, landlording, Tricare, college funding, a special needs kid, and their family’s transition to civilian life.

I had such a great time talking with Kate. She brings a sensibility to managing your finances, along with a deep understanding of military life since she has lived it herself. We cover topics like setting a spending plan, ways to save money, ideas for saving and investing when you’re living on one income, getting out of debt, how to save up for a house when you’re living in military housing, and so much more. She also answers some of your questions about finances that you submitted on Instagram. This is a don’t-miss episode! Whether you feel like you’ve got a handle on managing your finances or not, trust me, you’ll come away with some new insight and tips from Kate!

Kate Horrell the Military Finance Coach

There are two aspects to budgeting. One of them is knowing where you are in the big picture: what do you owe, what do you own, what we call your net worth. The other one is really being familiar with your monthly income and your monthly expenses. That’s more what we think of as budgeting, or what I like to call your spending plan. I like the term spending plan because for me that’s a more forward looking thing.

-Kate Horrell
setting a spending plan and managing your finances with Kate Horell

The key to having a spending plan work is that everyone who is on the spending plan actually believe in it.

Watch this clip of Kate talking about how to get out of debt! Then listen to the complete episode for more amazing insight and tips.

Kate’s Everything-You-Need-Binder for Military Families

Kate is offering a new amazing resource that has been years in the making. Check out the Everything-You-Need-Binder, a godsend for military families! If you’ve ever worried about what you’d do in a family emergency, need to give instructions to grandparents or caregivers, or simply wish to get your life more organized, this is for you.

Here’s what Kate says about the Everything-You-Need-Binder. (See below for some sample pages.)

The Everything-You-Need binder is a 126-page PDF. It has sections for every aspect of your life EXCEPT deployment and PCS moves – there are already great products for this out there! You print out the pages you need, and fill them out. When you’re done, you’ll have a roadmap for someone taking care of your life during an emergency, a useful tool for taking care of the activities of your daily life, and a single place to store important documents and records.

Get the Everything-You-Need-Binder here!

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Don’t miss the giveaway on the Milspouse Matters Instagram of one free binder that Kate is so generously offering, and make sure to connect with Kate to learn even more about managing your finances and other money matters.

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managing your finances as a military family

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