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Episode 92 – MSAN Provides Mentoring and Support for Military Spouses

MSAN provides mentoring and support

Milspouse Matters Episode 92 with Verenice Castillo from Military Spouse Advocacy Network

On this episode, I’m thrilled to be speaking with Verenice Castillo, the founder of the Military Spouse Advocacy Network.

MSAN’s motto is to “Educate, Empower, Support.”

If you’re not familiar with Military Spouse Advocacy Network, here’s some info about Verenice and the MSAN mission.

Verenice Castillo is the Founder and CEO at Military Spouse Advocacy Network (MSAN). MSAN is the fastest growing network of advocates and mentors providing 24/7 peer-to-peer support, education, support, empowerment and Leadership Development training to all military spouses. Verenice is a servant leader who has made contributions to the well-being of her community and has advocated for the resources and support system that military families need and deserve.

Verenice is a scholar of the George W. Bush Presidential Institute- Stand-To Veteran Leadership Training. She has also been a contributor on various panels, a keynote speaker, briefed and advised Senior Military Leaders on the vital importance of supporting military families, developed trainings that were adopted and used as models for official resources and programs for military families, and strengthened her local community. Her appreciation, dedication, desire, and the bond that she shares with other military families and her community are her motivation to make a difference in their lives.

Talking with Verenice Castillo

Verenice says,

“MSAN is a full circle of support: resources, peer-to-peer mentorship, and the opportunity to become a leader and pay it forward.”

Whether you’re a new or experienced military spouse, there’s a place for you in MSAN. You’ll find opportunities to connect with a mentor, get the resources you need, or become a mentor yourself. Verenice has a passion for sharing knowledge and help for military life, because she was once a young spouse herself who didn’t know what was available. Her commitment to helping those coming along is amazing!

If we don’t talk about the problems, we can’t address them. If we don’t keep telling these stories, no one is going to know what’s happening.

Verenice Castillo

Verenice and I talk about the importance of connecting with your military spouse community as well as understanding that you’re not alone in this military life. Find others who’ve been where you’ve headed and who can share their experiences with you. And if you’re in a place of being more experienced, learn how you can connect with MSAN and become a mentor or volunteer. Thank you, Verenice and MSAN, for the work you’re continuing to do and for being such a shining light in the military community!

MSAN quote from Verenice Castillo

Connect with MSAN!

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MSAN provides mentoring and support for military spouses episode 92 Milspouse Matters

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