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Episode 91- Military Care Packages

Milspouse Matters Episode 91 with guest Jack Wray

Today, we’re talking all things military care packages with Jack Wray from Hero Care Packages!

A former Naval Officer, Jack is the founder of Hero Care Packages, the first of its kind company to send curated military care packages to deployed service members. Jack is a veteran of two deployments, once circumnavigating South America, and again as the Navigator on a ship’s maiden deployment to the South China Sea. He started Hero Care Packages after leaving the Navy, currently lives in New York, and was recently married.

Have you ever wondered the best process for sending a military care package? Want some help in creating your own or looking for a curated care package to send to your service member?

Jack and I discuss:

  • The story behind Hero Care Packages (which features veteran curated military care packages!), and why he was moved to start the company after going through deployments himself.
  • Tips for DIY military care packages.
  • The benefit and process of sending a care package with Hero Care Packages: types of boxes offered, how the process works, subscriptions, where they ship.
  • The response to Hero Care Packages from military members.
  • Their partnership with Soldiers’ Angels (if you’re wanting to donate a care package).
  • How to be aware of care package scams.

Jack says of how Hero Care Packages puts together their boxes (and this is good advice if you’re creating your own!):

We put a lot of thought into the products we pick. Our mantra is really quality over quantity. You can’t send someone 40 items because they don’t have space for that. So we try to pick really good, high quality things and send your service member a box that they really appreciate.

He also shares:

“I feel like if we can make it a little easier for the military spouses and family members, that’s the most important thing we can do.”

Want to learn more? Connect with Hero Care Packages:

Use code milspousematters for 20% off your first care package at Hero Care Packages and be sure to enter the giveaway.

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