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Episode 89- Support for Military Homeschoolers

support for military homeschoolers

Milspouse Matters Episode 89 with Guest Crystal Niehoff

Let’s talk about homeschooling in the military, as well as a brand-new podcast created to support military homeschooling families!

Since all my kids are now grown, one thing you might not know about me is that we were a homeschooling family for a couple of decades and loved that time with our four kids. I was also the managing editor for a large homeschooling magazine for a couple of years! On this episode, I’m talking to Crystal Niehoff, the host of the Military Homeschool podcast. And bonus! Scroll down, and I’ll share a few of my very favorite homeschooling resources.

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This week’s guest

Guest Crystal Niehoff has a lot of wisdom and is a long-time homeschooler, so if you’ve ever wondered about homeschooling or simply need some encouragement for your homeschooling journey, this episode is for you! Crystal shares how her family began homeschooling, some of their best memories, how homeschooling is a great fit with military life, and all about her new podcast, the Military Homeschool Podcast.

About Crystal Niehoff: Crystal is an Army chaplain’s wife and mom of five. She began homeschooling over 20 years ago out of frustration with the public school system. She now credits homeschooling with giving her kids the stability they need to thrive in an ever-changing military life.

A credentialed birth and bereavement doula, and former child welfare worker, Crystal was previously the owner and CEO of Army Wife Network and host of Army Wife Talk Radio.

Nowadays, Crystal hosts the weekly podcast for homeschooling military families, the Military Homeschool Podcast, and co-hosts the bi-weekly podcast, History for Christian Teens. She also writes a monthly homeschool blog for Army Wife Network.

Connect with Crystal at The Military Homeschool Podcas and find her on Facebook and Instagram as @militaryhomeschoolpodcast

Homeschooling in the Military

Crystal talks about the benefits of homeschooling her children:

I feel that homeschooling gives my kids the stability and consistency they need to survive or even thrive in military life, as it’s always changing. We can take a break we need to for PCS moves or deployments, no big deal. We set the school calendar for our homeschool. We can travel to see family when airfare is cheaper, go to Disney when everyone else is in school and the lines are shorter! For me, the biggest benefit is that I don’t have to worry about them falling behind or struggling with each new school.

To other military homeschooling families, her advice is,

Please don’t compare yourself or your child to other homeschoolers or even to the public school system. It’s been said that ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ and that is so true. Put your blinders on and focus on what works best for your child and what works best for your teaching style. And go confidently with it!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Some of my favorite homeschooling resources:

  • Five in a Row: literature-based curriculum for ages 5-12 with lots of hands-on activities.
  • Diana Waring: “Education that’s relational” and amazing history curriculum!
  • Sonlight Curriculum: Complete literature-based homeschool curriculum for all ages.

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Support for Military Homeschoolers Milspouse Matters Episode 89

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