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Episode 88- Let’s Talk About Military Marriage

Let's talk about military marriage

Milspouse Matters Episode 88

On this episode, we’re talking about military marriage!

One of the topics I hear about most from listeners and readers is military marriage. We’re talking about tips for communication, staying connected, and growing your marriage!

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Jen’s favorite things this week:

  • The Christian Milspouse Podcast has launched! Listen here.
  • PILLAR deployment retreat coming November 4-6. I’m so excited to be a featured speaker at PILLAR: The Digital Retreat for Deployment Countdowns. All online, completely free! Grab your tickets here. I’ll be discussing helping your teens get through deployment, and there are 30 other military life experts speaking and sharing resources for deployment.

Growing Your Military Marriage

A military marriage is not the same as a civilian marriage, and conventional wisdom doesn’t apply. From advice like you have to have a weekly date night to you must communicate about everything, how does this work in keeping your military marriage strong? It just doesn’t apply if you’re apart a lot or have recently moved and don’t have resources like childcare. 

I’m sharing some tips from our 34 years of marriage. While we’re not perfect (no one is!), we’ve learned a few things and I hope they will help you grow your own marriage! 

The Christian Military Spouses Facebook group also shared some advice about communication and finding ways to make time for each other. 

Remember–when these days are past (and they will be), and your children are grown, what kind of marriage do you want? Keep that in mind now. 

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Resources mentioned:

Of course, if your marriage is going through serious issues like abuse, seek professional help or call the Domestic Abuse Hotline—call 800.799.SAFE (7233) or visit their website.

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Let's talk about military marriage

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