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Episode 85- Support for Seasoned Military Spouses with Pride & Grit

Milspouse Matters Episode 85 with Jen Pasquale

Let’s talk about support for seasoned military spouses!

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On this episode, I’m talking to Jen Pasquale from Pride & Grit, a great resource for seasoned military spouses!

Jen is a 15-year active-duty Army spouse, mom of two, and champion for seasoned military spouses. In 2018, Jen founded Pride & Grit as a support community, resource hub, and as of 2021, host of an annual personal development retreat for seasoned military spouses. As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Jen also offers identity coaching using the CliftonStrengths assessment. As a coach, Jen helps spouses develop pride in their unique talents while cultivating the grit to use those talents and lean into an identity beyond service.

It was so great talking to Jen! I’ve admired what she’s doing and wanted to have her on the show for a long time, so I’m so glad we finally connected.

We talk about her work and support for seasoned military spouses, including their struggles, how often we keep our problems to ourselves so we appear strong, what others misunderstand about “senior spouses,” and ways you can begin to prepare for the end of your servicemember’s career and take care of yourself.

Jen talks about Pride & Grit and how it came about. She says,

“A lot of us have been around a long time, and we’ve weathered a lot of hard things in military life. A lot of us were tired. It’s not that we didn’t love being a service family, but we were tired. And I noticed that people didn’t have a space to be tired that was supportive for them.”

Jen shared so much good stuff! If you’re feeling tired or weary of military life, this is the episode for you. Be sure to also check out the yearly Evolve Retreat for seasoned military spouses. If you can relate to the below, then you’ll want to connect with Pride & Grit!

I call it the compounding impact of service: it’s not the second move. The second move is still fun. It’s maybe the twelfth move or the ninth move or it’s the fourth time you had to give up the job you love because you’re following your service member. Sometimes it takes a while for these things to show up. It’s like flipping a switch for a lot of folks. For me, it was like that. I was fine until I wasn’t. I was good with all the changes, and fine with being what one friend calls ‘the trailing spouse.’ I was comfortable with that role…until I wasn’t.

Connect with Pride & Grit and learn more about the Evolve Retreat.

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Support for seasoned military spouses.

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