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Episode 81- Giving Up Control in Military Life

Milspouse Matters Episode 81

One of the most difficult parts of military life is realizing how little control we have!

In the private Christian Military Spouses Facebook group, we’ve been doing a book study of my book, You Are Not Alone: Encouragement for the Heart of a Military Spouses, and I’ve been talking via video each week there. I decided to share the audio from my talks over the coming weeks! This is the week 1 study, going over Days 1-4 in the book. 

(Note: If you’d like to join in the ongoing book study and discussion, join us here: Christian Military Spouses Facebook group.)

Don’t have the book? Get the new, updated 2022 edition here.

If you have the first edition from 2016, that will work fine, too! Grab your favorite beverage, find a comfy spot, and let’s visit. I want this to feel like we’re having coffee together. (OR you can listen on the go—I totally get the busy milspouse life!)

On this installment, we’re discussing the intro and Days 1-4, with the themes of coming to terms with military spouse life, giving up control, and finding our identity in Christ. If you don’t have the book/haven’t read it yet, I think this week’s talk will still be of interest to you as a military spouse. 

Common question: Do you have to be religious to read this book? 

While this book is written from the perspective of a Christian military spouse, I think there is so much that pertains to any military spouse!

Book study questions for this week (of course, you can do all the questions in the book on your own!). 

  • What stood out to you from this week’s readings? 

  • What is currently your biggest challenge in your life as a military spouse? Be honest! (p.6)

  • What word springs to your mind first when you think about your identity? Is it a job or another role? Is there a part of that you need to surrender to the Lord? (p.10)

  • Is there anything you need to overcome to make your own peace with military life? (p.10)

  • Trusting in God’s promises might seem like a “small thing,” like moving the furniture. It’s amazing what he can do with such little faith on our part! What ‘little thing’ can you trust God with today? (p.18)

  • Share a time you felt a lack of control in your life and GOD SHOWED UP. (Encourage someone else!)

  • If you’re a new spouse, what is overwhelming you? If you’ve been around a while, in what way is military life affecting you?

  • What current circumstances do you need to trust God’s goodness in right now? 

Bible verses to focus on this week: 

  • Isaiah 43:18

  • John 3:1-2

  • 2 Corinthians 12:10

  • Isaiah 40:29

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Giving up control in military life

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