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Episode 77- Support for Submarine Spouses

Milspouse Matters Episode 77: Support for Submarine Spouses

We’re talking about support for submarine spouses with Chelsea Davis from The Submerged Life!

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About this episode and guest Chelsea Davis:

You asked for it—here it is! I’ve had a lot of requests for more Navy spouse interviews, so I’m so excited to bring you my talk with Chelsea Davis from The Submerged Life! I first discovered the Submerged Life through their funny memes on Instagram and knew I had to reach out to these great ladies. 

Chelsea Davis, Meagan Guise, and Kaileigh Lear are Navy spouses and founders of the blog “The Submerged Life.” As newly-christened submarine spouses, it didn’t take them long to realize the resources they needed weren’t as readily available as they’d like… and so it all began! They launched The Submerged Life in 2019 and have since built a community for sub spouses and families from around the world. Written by spouses for spouses, their blog is your guide to living and loving the submarine life.

The Submerged Life logo

Connect with them at and on social media:

  • Instagram: @TheSubmergedLife

  • Facebook: @TheSubmergedLife

Chelsea and I talk about some of the unique aspects of being a submarine spouse, where you can find more support as a sub spouse, and the mission behind The Submerged Life. She also shares some perspective about getting through deployments and the lack of communication that can go along with submarine life, along with great tips about staying positive through the realities of military spouse life. Whether or not you’re a sub spouse, I think you’ll be encouraged by Chelsea’s perspective!

Chelsea says,

“A lot of people say to me, ‘Chelsea, I don’t know how you do it; I could never do what you do.’ I really hate that statement, though it comes from such a good place. And I never know what to say. But I just say to them, ‘Just imagine the person you love…this is their job, this is their passion, this is their calling. They chose to serve their country. This is what they do—something bigger than them. And it comes with these sacrifices. You don’t know how I do it? I do it because I love him. It’s that simple.’ ”

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Support for Submarine Spouses

Get Jen’s book, You Are Not Alone: Encouragement for the Heart of a Military Spouse

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Are you a Navy submarine spouse? What resources have you used?

Milspouse Matters episode 77: Support for Submarine Spouses

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