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Episode 74- A Missionary Heart for the Military


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Milspouse Matters Episode 74

Jen’s “favorite things” this week: 

About this episode and guest Megan B. Brown: 

Megan B. Brown is a seasoned military spouse and military missionary. She is the Military Liaison for the Speak Up Conference Global Missions Military Scholarship and the 2019-Armed Forces Insurance Robins AFB Military Spouse of the Year. She is passionate about military mission work and teaching and preaching about Jesus in and out of the local church. Her Bible study, Summoned: Answering a Call to the Impossible, published by Moody Publishers in Chicago, released in May 2021. She lives in south Mississippi with her husband, Keith, and their energetic kiddos. She is a Bible teacher, speaker, and freelance writer. To learn more or connect with Megan, visit

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On this episode, we talk about Megan’s new book, Summoned, and how the study came about. Megan also shares her heart for military families, her work with Cru Military, and how God met her in some dark places. As she says, the gospel wrecked her, but through her experiences and finding strength in Christ, it also caused her to see herself in God’s greater plan. She reminds us, “From cover to cover of the Bible, women have been involved.”

Who is this study of Esther for? Megan shares:

This Bible study is written for the women who may know of Christ, who may know about God, but who don’t understand what that means in practicality. And the reason I chose the study of Esther…it’s a pretty dark story…but here is the heartbeat of the book. God is good when things are bad. And that God’s goodness or faithfulness is most certainly not found in the provision of a perfect or pleasing life, nor is it found in the prevention of painful things. Ultimately, God’s goodness and faithfulness is found firmly in the fact that he keeps his promises… and that is the heartbeat of the book, that God is with us and he is for us, and our circumstances don’t get to dictate that. 

You’ll be so encouraged by Megan’s story. She talks about her early days of walking with Christ and how little she knew of the Bible. But she says, “I will say this about those honest and earnest prayers…God met me in those moments.”

Megan also shares ideas for finding time for prayer and Bible study, plugging into a community with other Christians, and so much more. Megan is funny and real, and I know you’ll love her!

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A missionary heart for the military with Megan Brown

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