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Episode 68- Make Your Military Marriage Stronger


Milspouse Matters Episode 68

Let’s talk about military marriage!

This episode of the Milspouse Matters podcast is sponsored by SpouseLink, which was created in 2012 by AAFMA, the American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association. The goal of Spouselink is to support, inform, and inspire military spouses. Learn more at

Someone wise once told me many years ago, What kind of marriage do you want in 30 years? What you do now determines what it will be then. I’m so glad I took that advice to heart. 

military marriage

Any military spouse who’s been in military life for a minute or two realizes that military marriage comes with a lot of stress points. During one particularly tough time in our marriage, I knew something had to change. But darnit, the only thing I had control over was…me. I had to begin looking at life differently and not try to change my spouse. It wasn’t working, anyway! (As a control freak, this is still an ongoing lesson!)

On this episode, I’m sharing a few tips from over 30 years of marriage. Marriage takes work, but it should also be fun! If you’re not laughing together regularly, something is off. Yes, even in the hard times, humor is so necessary!

For big marriage issues, of course there are no easy answers. Do you need some support? I have a lot of podcast episodes and blog posts about military marriage that I hope will be some help to you. Click below to access:

See the “scorpion story” I reference here: Strengthening Your Military Marriage.

military marriage quote 2

For counseling and support, contact your military chaplain or connect with Military OneSource for free, confidential counseling. Corie Weathers and Lifegiver offer quite a few specialized resources for military and first responder marriages as well.

Domestic Abuse Hotline—call 800.799.SAFE (7233) or visit their website.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Get my book, You Are Not Alone: Encouragement for the Heart of a Military Spouse

Make your Military Marriage Stronger

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