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Episode 60 – The Spouse Angle: Breaking Down the News for Military Spouses

Milspouse Matters talks to the Spouse Angle

Milspouse Matters Episode 60 with Natalie and Andrea from the Spouse Angle

The Spouse Angle is a great resource for the latest news for military families!

On this episode, I’m talking to Natalie Gross and Andrea Scott from the Spouse Angle podcast, which is just an amazing resource for military spouses, bringing you all the latest news.

In fact, I was on the Spouse Angle Episode 26: When Your Kid Goes to War, where I talked about being a military spouse and then a military mom as our oldest went on active duty. 

We recorded this episode last fall, which you’ll realize as we mention the upcoming election and the Spouse Angle’s one year anniversary. Since I talked to them, they’ve launched a “good news” show, a monthly YouTube video series. They are encouraging people to send in story ideas! They also launched season 2 of the Spouse Angle in February.  

Natalie and Andrea share what motivated them to begin The Spouse Angle, some of their favorite stories so far, and what’s ahead. They both came from military families and are professional journalists by trade. If you’re wanting to keep up with the latest news that affects you as a military spouse, you’ll want to subscribe to The Spouse Angle.

Here’s more about this episode’s guests!

Natalie Gross is the host and producer of The Spouse Angle, a news podcast for military spouses and families that combines her experiences as a journalist with her upbringing as an Army brat. Natalie is also a freelance military and education reporter with stories in Military Times, The Washington Post Magazine, The Atlantic, Military Families Magazine, and elsewhere. She lives near Washington, D.C., with her husband and 1-year-old son.

Andrea Scott is co-founder & editor of The Spouse Angle, where she brings her passion for military families by guiding content and driving news engagement. After growing up in a military family, her two younger brothers followed in their dad’s footsteps in flying for the United States Air Force. Andrea also works as Marine Corps Times’ editor and hosts a weekly digital news broadcast for Military Times called, “The Briefing.” A writer and an editor, Andrea has had her work published by Chicago magazine, Philanthropy magazine, PBS, the Armed Forces Network, The War Horse, Nurse Week magazine, Nokia and more.  

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The Spouse Angle talks to Milspouse Matters podcast

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