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Episode 56 – Military Couples Without Kids

military couples without kids

Milspouse Matters Episode 56 with Jennifer Brantley

On this episode, I’m talking to Jennifer Brantley, Air Force spouse and host of the DiscardIt podcast, about military couples who don’t have children.

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For whatever reason, you and your spouse have delayed having children or won’t ever have any. As far as the military goes, are you still a family? Do you often feel left out of military family oriented activities? Do the little jokes and comments about “When are you going to have a baby”sting?

Today, I’m being joined by Jennifer Brantley who you may remember from Episode 44 this past summer and the great discussion we had: “Where Do We Go From Here? A Military Spouse Discussion on Racism and Resources.”

One question I often get is from military couples without children who wonder if there is a place for them and who often feel left out of unit or base activities, so today we’re talking about it–how the military can better reach out to childless military couples, how friends can help–or hurt–and how we can all be a little more sensitive and inclusive to everyone. 

But first, here’s a little bit about Jennifer: 

Jennifer Brantley is a milspouse of many hats. She’s the wife to an Air Force chaplain, but has definitely carved out her own lane! She’s an attorney by trade, and the founder of More than a Mrs. – a lifestyle blog for military spouses, creator of the FindMe Mobile App and host of the DiscardIt Podcast, where her motto is “You may be scarred, you may have been bruised, but your story isn’t over yet.”


Find her on social media with the handles:

  • @fire_esquire
  • @more_thanamrs
  • @thediscarditpodcast
  • @findmemobile

I’m so grateful to Jennifer for taking time to share some of her story. My hope is that if you’re in the same situation, you’ll feel less alone and learn some ways to cope and advocate for yourself when put in awkward situations. As Jennifer says, “ You don’t owe anyone an explanation unless you choose to.” And she reminds the rest of us to be careful with little ‘funny’ comments which aren’t so funny or questions we don’t have the right to ask!

Jennifer Brantley Milspouse Matters episode 56 quote

Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your warmth and wisdom with us!

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