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Episode 51 – Homeschooling and Military Life

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Milspouse Matters Episode 51: Homeschooling and Military Life with Jen McDonald

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On this episode, I’m sharing about my family’s homeschooling journey, and how it fits in with military life!

Let’s talk about some of the common fears and misconceptions, and some of my favorite resources and tips from over 20 years as a homeschooling mom. We homeschooled our four now grown children, who’ve all gone on to college and careers. I embraced a hands-on and literature-based method of learning and education, and combining kids in studies where possible. It was also important to us to set our kids up for success and independence.

Some of our best memories involve reading a book aloud together or taking a vacation in the off-season because we could. I hope that, if you’re considering homeschooling, you’ll be encouraged to give it a try. We’ve never regretted our decision!

With all the changes and challenges of military life, our children’s education was one of their few constants! Our oldest moved 3 times during his high school years, and our youngest moved so often that staying in one place for 2 years seemed like a long time. One benefit that came out of our decision to homeschool was the flexibility to PCS at any time without disrupting their education. 

With all the changes and challenges of military life, our children’s education was one of their few constants.

Jen McDonald

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