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Episode 44 – Where Do We Go From Here? A Military Spouse Discussion on Racism and Resources with Jennifer Brantley

Difficult conversations about military spouses and racism

Milspouse Matters Episode 44 with guest Jennifer Brantley

On this episode, we’re talking about racism, how to combat it in military spouse life, and ways our eyes can be opened to what’s going on around us.

Just a reminder, this will be the last episode until September 2020. Follow my social media, especially the Milspouse Matters Instagram, to stay informed about what’s coming up.

Coming on the heels of Episode 41, Difficult Conversations & How to Be an Ally to Our Black Friends, which talked about difficult conversations and some resources for being an ally to our black friends and the greater community, I thought it would be great to have a discussion of “where do we go from here?” as we all figure out how to move beyond hashtags and social media posts, in hopes of making an actual difference and combat racism in our corners of the world.

I am so happy to be joined on this episode by Jennifer Brantley. She’s a milspouse of many hats. She’s wife to an Air Force chaplain, but has definitely carved out her own lane. An attorney by trade, Jennifer has alternately worked as senior attorney at an Atlanta law firm, served as a crisis communications consultant for companies like the Georgia Lottery and the Archdiocese of Atlanta and managed multi-million dollar contracts for Nebraska’s Dept of Health and Human Services. She’s the founder of More than a Mrs. – a lifestyle blog for military spouses, creator of the FindMe Mobile App and host of the DiscardIt Podcast, where her motto is “You may be scarred, you may have been bruised, but your story isn’t over yet. “

A Great Resource for Minority Military Spouses

The FindMe Mobile app was created in response to a gap in the military world for minority and diverse military families and the current climate. With each PCS move, FindMe Mobile connects minority military members and their families to community-recommended businesses that welcome both their dollars and their presence, and was lauded as a modern day “Green Book” by NextGen Milspouse.

As she says on this episode, maybe some of us are tired of talking about racism and may feel like there’s not much we can really do about it. She reminds us:

Maybe we’re fatigued from talking about it. On social media, we’re so inundated with peoples’ opinions. You kind of have to step away from it at some point–I know I’ve had to do that. But that doesn’t mean it’s over.

-Jennifer Brantley
military spouses and racism quote

I’m so thankful for Jennifer’s insight and willingness to discuss this important topic. Her wisdom and kindness shine through in how she relates to others, and I think you’ll find some great advice and resources. The topic of military spouses and racism isn’t an easy one, but it’s oh so important.


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A military spouse conversation about racism and resources

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