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Episode 39 – Coping with Military Life Through Humor and Writing

Milspouse Matters Episode 39 with Lisa Molinari

Milspouse Matters Episode 39 with Lisa Molinari

Coping with Military Life Through Humor and Writing

Lisa Molinari describes herself as a “garden variety military spouse” who was never nominated for Military Spouse of the Year. Yet, through decades of military life, she looked for the humor inherent in hard and even absurd circumstances and discovered her own unique ways of coping with the challenges that are common to us all: worries about our kids, living far from family, feeling inadequate around other spouses…you get it! She found that her ability to laugh and process her experiences through writing became her outlet.

You’re going to love Lisa’s warm, practical humor and the gentle reminder to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously. I had so much fun talking to her! I hope you’ll be inspired to give yourself permission to take time for yourself and figure out how you best cope with life as a military spouse. As Lisa says,

“Everyone has a story to tell.”

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More about Lisa:

Lisa Smith Molinari is an award-winning syndicated humor columnist, military spouse, mother of three, and author of the book, The Meat and Potatoes of Life: My True Lit Com. Her columns appear weekly in Stars and Stripes newspaper and other publications across the U.S. Lisa started writing ten years ago as a way to cope with stress during deployment and to find the meaning and the humor in the minutia of modern family life.

Lisa’s book was released May 1, 2020. It is available for order in hardback and ebook from and, and the ebook can also be ordered at Many authors with book publication dates during the COVID-19 shut down have postponed their book launches. Lisa’s planned book tour was significantly affected by the coronavirus crisis.

However, rather than cancel her May 1 book launch, Lisa created a virtual book launch called “ItsAlmostDinnerTimeTour” and has been posting short videos, #bookfacefriday photos, and author news on social media. Information on virtual book tour events can be found on her website, The Meat and Potatoes of Life. Details on the book can be found on the publisher Elva Resa book page.

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