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Episode 12 – Embrace Your Strength as a Military Spouse with Kellie Artis

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Milspouse Matters Episode 12 with Kellie Artis

On this episode, we talk about what it means to embrace your strength as a military spouse. We also ask, who were you before life told you who you had to be?

The answer to that could be interesting! Join Jen for this informative, fun, and inspiration-filled episode with Kellie Artis, COO for MILLIE and co-founder of Milspo Gurus. 

Kellie has been a military spouse for over 10 years! In that time, she has supported her husband and family through 4 combat deployments and tackled multiple moves. She now uses that knowledge to help ease the stress of PCS for other military families. We’ll hear about some of her experiences and how she’s celebrating the tenacity of military spouses to seek out the positive (no matter how rough things get!) She also makes time to ensure military families are connected with the resources they need. She’s a busy lady!

Today we also talk about MILLIE’s resources for military families. This includes the MILLIE Scout program and Agent Intel for military connected real estate agents.

Additionally, we’ll delve into using the Enneagram of Personality to embrace and fully understand your true identity. This includes finding your strengths and identifying potential pitfalls. Ever wonder why you have a tendency to take things personally? Are you curious why you’re the type to run head-on into a challenge? You may be interested in learning your Enneagram type to better understand why you do what you do.

Milspo Gurus has just launched an eCourse devoted to understanding the Enneagram, an ancient personality typology system, to navigate the challenges of military spouse life. “Becoming Your Own Guru” has over 4 hours of video instruction, a workbook, audio files, private Facebook community, and an app! If you’re the slightest bit curious about the Enneagram, and happen to also be a military spouse – then this course is for you. 

Mentioned in this episode:


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