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Best of: Pro Tips for Your PCS Move – Ep. 104

Milspouse Matters Episode 104 Pro tips for your pcs move

It’s PCS move season and it’s the perfect time to share some amazing resources for your military family. Military life usually comes with a guarantee of change, and one of the most inevitable changes is moving. Whether you’re a seasoned military family or embarking on your first Permanent Change of Station (PCS), my goal is to provide you with a wealth of information and valuable advice!

With personal experience from living in 24 houses, going through 13 PCS moves, with 4 overseas tours in there, all while towing along 4 kids and a dog, I share some of my own tips along with insights gathered from fellow military spouses and listeners on this Best Of episode. Here’s to making your moving journey a little smoother and perhaps even injecting some laughter along the way!

***Find all resources mentioned (and more!) in this exhaustive PCS resource page: Ultimate PCS Move Resource List.

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What’s Covered in this Episode

Preparing for Your PCS Move

Preparing for a move can feel overwhelming, but a little organization goes a long way. Start by creating a checklist of tasks, such as notifying your housing office, decluttering, and gathering important documents. Pro tip: Labeling boxes with color-coded stickers can make unpacking a breeze. Don’t forget to reach out to your military community for advice and recommendations—chances are, they’ve been in your shoes before.

We discuss budgeting, creating a PCS binder, and prepping your kids and pets (and yourself!) for a move.

Another “pro tip”: Don’t pack your passports! (from personal experience…)

Moving with Kids

Moving with children presents its own set of challenges. From toddlers to teenagers, each age group requires unique strategies to help them adjust. Encourage open communication, involve them in the planning process, and make an effort to explore your new surroundings together. Additionally, tapping into the resources available on military bases, such as youth programs and support services, can help ease the transition for your little ones. Hear more from lots of military parents!

More resources for your move with kids:

Moving with Pets

Our pets are part of the family, and making sure they’re taken care of during the move is a priority! Well before the move, learn the regulations and requirements for transporting your pets to your new assignment. If dogs and cats aren’t used to being crated, introduce them to travel carriers gradually and maintain a sense of familiarity by keeping their belongings and routines consistent. Remember to locate veterinary services in your new area and update their microchip information.

Here’s a complete episode devoted to moving with pets!

Moving Day

Keep your sense of humor. The best-laid plans will come unglued. Best to expect it and then laugh! Experienced military spouses share their best tips for staying organized and rolling with the punches on moving day. AND we talk about taking care of yourself during the moving process.

Moving In Day

You’ve arrived at your new location, the moving truck just pulled away, and you’re faced with a mountain of boxes…where to begin? From the order of unpacking to feeding/tipping your movers, we’re talking practical tips here.

Get Tips for Settling in at a New Duty Station.

Read When the PCS Dust Settles: How Do You Start Over Again?

Relocation during/after the move:

Moving Overseas

Moving overseas can be both exciting and daunting. Allow yourself time to adapt, appreciate new experiences, and embrace the challenges that come with living in another country. Connect with other military families who have lived there before or join online forums and social media groups for valuable tips specific to your destination. Embracing the adventure will enrich your family’s military experience!

Here’s more helpful info about an overseas move:

When You Feel Left Behind

Sometimes, it can feel like everyone around you is moving while you’re stuck. Embrace this opportunity to deepen your roots, forge lasting connections, and explore the hidden treasures of your current location! Some ideas: search for and engage in local activities, volunteer and get to know others in the community, and focus on your personal growth. Your time will come, and when it does, you’ll be better equipped to tackle your next move.

Some of my experience:

Military spouses understand the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with each move. By sharing some moving tips, funny stories, and the wisdom gleaned from our military community, I hope you’ll find support and inspiration during this process.

Remember, whether it’s your first or tenth PCS move, each one presents a chance for growth, resilience, and new adventures. Embrace the journey, stay connected with your military community, and savor the memories along the way. You’ve got this!

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Milspouse Matters Episode 104 Pro tips for your pcs move

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