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A Talk with the Authors of Unwavering: Taylor Kiland and Judy Gray- Ep. 113

Milspouse Matters Episode 113

On this episode, I’m speaking to Judy Gray and Taylor Kiland, the authors of the Unwavering: The Wives Who Fought to Ensure No Man is Left Behind, an incredible book about the impact of military wives during the Vietnam War.

talking with the authors of unwavering

About the book: Moving from the sidelines to the frontlines of activism, a small group of military wives defies government rules to leave wartime diplomacy to the professionals. Speaking up about the plight of their missing and captive husbands, they successfully make the fate of their men a national priority in the 1960s. It was a time when a woman could rarely obtain credit, mortgage, or purchase a car without a signature from her husband or father.

Yet they persevered, demonstrating great fortitude, moxy, and courage.

The True Story Behind Unwavering

Meticulously researched, the true story of Unwavering is a spellbinding page-turner. Thrusting the reader into an unfolding drama, it captures the women’s tentative beginnings and the obstacles they endured during the tumult of a war unfolding on television, in nationwide antiwar protests, the Watergate scandal, and the seismic cultural upheavals taking place in America. As they take matters into their own hands, they succeed in persuading a U.S. president, Congress, the State Department, and the Pentagon to follow their lead. Simultaneously, they galvanize public support for their cause, creating a national obsession with our missing men. In doing so, they established an enduring tenet of American policy to Leave No Man Behind. But this is not simply a wives tale. This is the quintessentially American story of how a group of women, once silenced and sidelined, persevered against all odds to change how America fights her wars.

Some of the women are still alive, and energetic. Ranging in age from 77-92, like many trailblazers, only now have they begun reognizing their impact on history. They often accompany Taylor and Judy when they give talks.

The book is written non-chronologically, adding an element of drama to their narratives. Anyone interested in American history, the 1960s, the role of women in society, military families, or the Vietnam War will be fascinated by this little-known tale from start to finish.

Judy and Taylor, both military veterans themselves, share how this project came about, what kept them motivated as they wrote this book together, as well as a sneak peek at some of the amazing stories in the book. They even have a special offer for listeners that you can find on the Milspouse Matters Instagram!

Watch the Unwavering book trailer:

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Connect with Unwavering and authors Judy and Taylor:

  • Unwavering book website
  • X, Facebook, and Instagram as @Unwaveringbook
  • Linked in: Judy Silverstein Gray, Taylor Kiland

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A talk with the authors of unwavering taylor kiland and judy gray

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