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Running Gear I Can’t Do Without

running gear I cant do without

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on an item and buy, it doesn’t cost you any more than it normally would, but I will receive a small commission from the company for the referral, which helps to support this site! 

I started running some years ago, have continued running regularly and worked through some setbacks, including another cross-country move and a significant injury (femoral neck stress fracture–i.e., hip stress fracture, which I think I’ll have to cover in a whole other post). 

At any rate, I’ve completed a 10k and a half marathon, and I still hope to tackle my first marathon!

I wrote a post about my favorite running resources some time back, so do check out that post for some recommendations of great books, podcasts, and gear. As I’ve progressed, learned, continued running, and moved on despite some injuries, including the hip stress fracture and an Achilles issue, I thought I’d add a few items to the list. The good news, too, is that I’ve been injury-free for a year! Woohoo! So here you go, my list of…

Running Gear I Can’t Do Without

1) Brooks Running Shoes

I’m a believer. Brooks shoes have been a godsend! Due to fallen arches, a touchy Achilles, and the aches and pains of middle age, I had to up my shoe game. A podiatrist recommended these to me, and they still feel like running with a fluffy, fluffy cloud of wonder supporting each foot.

I’m not exaggerating. Run, don’t walk (haha) to your nearest running store and try them out. Then I dare you not to buy a pair. (No, Brooks did not pay me to say any of this. Though I wish they would!) After trying several brands, these have been the comfiest supportive shoe I’ve found for my particular gait and injury tendencies. 

2) Wireless Earbuds

After testing out several iterations of wireless earbuds, I find that I like the Jabra Active the best. They stay on well in spite of sweat. I’ve had the same pair over 2 years, and they’re still working great. Pretty good for using several times a week, in all types of weather!

Have Airpods? Try out these over-the-ear ‘hooks’ to keep them from falling out!

3) Flipbelt

This is another item I’ve used regularly and owned at least 2 years. So easy to slip in your phone and attach a key inside the comfy tube of Lycra, then flip it over (hence the name), so it’s all held securely and won’t fall out while you run. I much prefer this to the giant armband for iPhones that tend to chafe and get on my nerves after several miles!

4) GPS Watch

I do like to tell by a glance at my wrist how far I’ve run, my pace, heart rate, etc. My husband gave me my Apple watch as a gift for his military retirementgo, hubs–and it’s a cinch to use. Since it’s connected to my MapMyRun account on my phone, I hit one button and off we go. Garmin is another obvious favorite for GPS watches. 

5) Gum

Yes, gum! My runner husband clued me in to this some time back. It helpscounteract dry mouth on shorter runs where it’s not really necessary to carry water. It works!

6) Pepper Spray

Call me crazy; I don’t care. In this day and age, I never go out running without my trusty pepper spray strapped to my hand. I don’t even notice it anymore; it’s just part of what I do to get out the door. I figure it’s not only for protection against the crazies, but also any wild or loose animal that may have less than nice intentions toward me. I live in Texas on the edge of town where there are things like coyotes and rattlesnakes. You never know! In all seriousness, if you’re a woman running alone, please protect yourself. 

7) Running Capris

Year-round, these are the best to keep it all locked and loaded and prevent chafing and the feeling of things jiggling about behind you, ahem. If you’re young, you may not understand this, but my fellow running moms and grannies know what I’m talking about. 

8) High Impact Sports Bra

Speaking of locked and loaded. Just do not even play. I’ve tried them all, and though it’s not the prettiest bra (shades of Granny’s girdle back in the day), Enell is the best bra for keeping the ladies under control, especially if you have a bigger bosom. These are not inexpensive, but they last for YEARS.

So there you have it–my running gear favorites! What would you add? Please share in the comments!




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