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3 Things I Do to Feel Settled After Every PCS Move

When I spoke with the lovely ladies on the Army Wife Network podcast, one topic that came up was a question about any tips I had for that time right after a PCS move…you know, the point where you don’t know a soul, aren’t sure what to do with yourself, wish you could go back ‘home’ (wherever THAT is!)?

I off-handedly mentioned something I’ve said before to others in the past.

All I need to feel settled once I get somewhere are a dentist, a beauty salon, and a church and I’m GOOD!

We laughed and talked about it a little and then moved on. And while it may sound simplistic, I’ve been revisiting this thought as we face our final impending military move…retirement! Each of these things represents something important in my life and I’ll explain it a bit further.

Once you read mine, I wonder if you can come up with your own ‘big three’ that you need to feel settled in after a PCS move?

1) Find a Dentist

Well, aside from the fact that I won’t visit a dentist without a personal recommendation, this represents taking care of my family’s health. It’s important to have trusted medical care for all facets of life, teeth included, to have my mind completely at ease.

I need to know where the nearest urgent care is, who our provider is at the medical clinic, even which vet I’ll use for pets.

2) Get a Beauty Salon

You know how it feels. You arrive at a new location, miss your old hairdresser, and don’t feel like yourself until you find your new gal or guy who just gets you and sets your wayward hair straight. It’s time to get those hairs did. Usually, I try to spot someone at the new location with good hair (preferably similar in cut and texture to mine!), and ask them who does their hair. Yes, I have asked strangers at the commissary for a hair referral when I spot their gorgeous coif. It’s important. 

To me, this represents self care. Whatever that looks like to you– a new gym, workout buddy, library, art studio–it’s important for military spouses to remember to take care of ourselves after the upheaval of a PCS move. 

3) Connect with a Church

Hopefully, you’re riding with me on this metaphor by now! Saying goodbye to a beloved faith fellowship is always difficult. It’s also hard not to compare new churches or communities with what you once knew.

But finding my faith community, again, this will look different for everyone, is crucial to my mind to feel settled into a new location. Being open to a new fellowship is also important, and reminding myself I have much to receive from these new friends, and also give. 

And wouldn’t you know it, once I feel completely at home with all of the above, it will be PCS time once again!

Now, please share…what are your three things that help you feel settled after a PCS move?

Three things to feel settled after PCS

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